I’m MC, and I am the founder and owner of Fun For Freedom, a community dedicated to raising money for charity through gaming. We’ve done a lot over the past few years to hold events, have fun and work on achieving goals we set for ourselves. However, after lots of thought and consideration, I have decided that at this point the community will be shutting down over the next several weeks.

This decision is being made due to the continued stress being put on myself, our administration team, and our community when we have been unable to reach our goals. The work we’ve put into the site is outstanding, but currently, it is my belief that in order to help us all have more happiness in our lives, it is best for us to continue working towards raising money for charity independently.

I am thrilled that we have done so much for charities worldwide, and I promise that spirit will continue as I work on new projects with some of the amazing people I’ve met through Fun For Freedom. You do not need to worry, the idea and love of charity through gaming will live well into the future.

As such, Zeldathon, Fun For Freedom’s flagship marathon, will be continuing without any delay, or change in organization. Myself, alongside The Silver and Lizerdoo will continue doing our best to make the most amazing marathon both this summer, and for the years to come. We are very excited to raise money once again for the amazing charity: water organization on June 19th.

To everyone who has helped us get to where we are, and helped us raise so much to better the world, thank you. I am excited for the future, but I will always remember the things we did as the Fun For Freedom community.

 Thank you, and much love always.

- MC